goodbye 2022, and fuck you

This has been an awful year. From the insane job stress to our family’s various surgeries, the loss of my wife’s mom and the general political climate of insane right wingers and spineless lefties, it has been all around shit. We might be losing the greatest cat of all time, who has declined severely since last night, barely moving, wheezing, and generally suffering. We’re still giving her antibiotics, and the painkillers keep her from panicking, but it’s 50/50 now as to whether this is the end or not.

Our vet doesn’t open until Tuesday. There’s an emergency vet to go to in Windsor if we need it, but I don’t want to drive for an hour and sit for six or seven more just to put her down. We were told the last time that we couldn’t take our baby boy Loki home with us (though the vet knew us well and let us do it anyway), because you’re not supposed to bury pets in your yard. At the unfamiliar vet in Windsor, it would be devastating not to be able to bring her home after she was gone.

So here’s hoping for recovery, and preparing for not. Peace out to 2022. You were a fucking piece of garbage.

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cassie bear

Ugh. Our beloved little girl, 16 years a kitten, has an infection and a possible “growth”. We are in handfeeding and antibiotics mode, praying that she starts to recover and what the doctor thought might be a lump is just a benign polyp.

She’s such a love, I’m not sure how we’ll quite handle losing her. Hopefully, we won’t. Not yet.

Death comes for us all, but if I may paraphrase Game Of Thrones, hopefully not today.

It would be on par for this shit year though, and that’s what scares me the most.

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pushing the end

2023 has been a bittersweet pill. We lost my mother-in-law, I went through absolute hell with a job, only to finally get a new one, which while not inspiring, is at least what I was looking for right now – not in IT, not a 24-7 job, not surrounded by complete piece of shit co-workers.

We got some love time with my beautiful granddaughter and my equally awesome nieces, and despite all the unnecessary family and work drama, I think I personally am headed toward a better place. I’m slowly letting the Mungk go, and hopefully… hopefully, it can be taken up by others. Not too many, but enough.

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a combination of stress and joy

Man, what a trying few days. I love having my granddaughter here. She’s an absolute delight.

It’s upset the cats, however. We’ve had one that’s hidden in the basement the whole time, refusing to eat. Another that I’ve only seen twice, but at least when we did, he was eating. Another has stopped cleaning herself completely. She’s still eating, but something is up there. The other seems so lethargic that I have to wonder if, at twenty, this is finally it.

It’s stressing me out, in the middle of what’s otherwise a joyous time.

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nothing better

My granddaughter is here and our favourite game so far is kicking our feet up on the coffee table and or washing a plastic cucumber in the sink of a kitchen playset, rather violently. Her emotional support rice went to bed with her. We’ve learned some Elton John and like to sing, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. I fear all sense has been lost, and it’s wonderful.

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Now I’ve got two cats, both older, who seem to be having difficulties pooping. And my granddaughter’s on her way, in spite of all the awful conditions. I don’t believe in God or Allah or anyone, but universe, guide everyone straight today. We’ve had enough trauma this year.

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merry christmas

It’s a day for family, food and the gifts of love. Getting stuff is simple gravy. The second material acquisition becomes more important than the experience of togetherness is the day the spirit dies.

Experience over stuff, always.

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christmas eve

So it’s -16C outside, and the best my furnace seems to be able to do is 63F. I’ve got the fireplace going, but the new water heater doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with demand. The pressure doesn’t quite reach the upper levels where all the radiators are lukewarm, and for some reason, the basement radiator, despite being filled with water, is ice cold.

It’s like living in Ted Cruz’s Texas. Merry fucking Christmas, I guess.

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my bear

My poor baby girl, our 16-year old Cassie, had a real tough time yesterday. What was supposed to be a boring day at work due to the fact that our trainers weren’t going to be assigning us anything new over the holidays, just online courses, turned into a fretful day, waiting to see if our kitten would poop or eat.

Eventually, she did, but way to fill a day, lady. Nothing like terminal worries about a beloved pet to make the day fly by.

Now, it’s Festivus, so…

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out of goodwill

I spent a lot of time getting ahead of the game for when I switched jobs, so that I could still hit my writing goals while I’m starting this new job. I got well ahead of my targets, but that good will has dried up now.

It’s time to see if I can really hit the daily mark and work full time, and through Christmas as well.

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