Well, Sami’s in, because we needed an extra hole in the head.

Seriously, though, he’s a sweet boy and the other cats don’t mind. Mazy’s fine with him as well.

So, yeah. We’re back to four cats.

And soon, two dogs.

Yeah. We’ve lost our freakin’ minds.

Target: 1500 words
Written: 1707 words, novel: Father Lightning

in office

Ugh. The worst. And the fact that we (or rather I) have things to do every single night this week sure makes finding time to edit difficult (not to much energy and focus).

Jesus, I hate working for a living. How many lives have been ruined? How many great pieces of art killed as embryos, because of the necessity to feed the corporate machine?

It’s terrifying to think about how much wonder has been stifled in the name of survival in this world’s sickening imperialism.

Target: 1500 words
Written: 1934 words, novel: Father Lightning

needing to move on

It’s funny – I used to think when I took on a project, I’d take its theme to heart almost immediately and be like, look at me! I know how to think and behave!

But that’s never the way it works out. I didn’t gain immediate freedom from trauma and life’s various aggressions from The Mungk; I’m not gaining the intimate knowledge of kindness from Father Lightning.

I have understood how hard life can beat you down since I finished The Mungk.

That gives hope that maybe when Father Lightning is done, the transition to a man of kindness and understanding as a logical way of life will be complete.

Of course, it’s all work.

And progress need be made before it can be said to be true.

Nothing is given; everything is earned.

Target: 1500 words
Written: 1523 words, novel: Father Lightning