off the rails

That’s all I can say about today. It started off with nothing going right and everything else deciding sideways was the direction to go.

And it never got better. By the time I gave up and sat down with a beer, it was too late.

It’s times like this when the oblivion of alcoholism and drug addiction look enticing.

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new HVAC day

We’ve been pretty chilly since they condemned our furnace last week for excess carbon monoxide in the flue, but today is the day for many good returns, I hope.

Ductless heating. No more gas. No more messing around with radiators that never seemed to work right upstairs, no matter how many fixes we did.

Mini-splits, they call them. Heating and cooling, all in one, and after rebate, less than the cost of a new boiler.

No more tick-tick-tick, no more wondering if I’m going to end up like Jack Torrance.

Metaphorically – our boiler didn’t need to have the pressure released periodically to avoiding blowing.

Just me.

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the mondays

Yep, got a case of them. Trying to remember to be nice to myself and others anyway.

Of course, in my opinion, the nicest thing I could do for myself would be to sleep in an empty house, surrounded by books, video games and loud music in my headphones.

But that’s unlikely to happen, so I guess shitshow it is.

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got nothing

I have nothing left in the tank. Everything seems to be falling apart around me. Is this post-Mungk malaise? All I saw was fatalism during its creation; the lesson I learned is how hard it can be to be utterly hopeless.

I was hoping the good Father would teach me different, but I guess that’s the idea: we don’t live our lessons until after we’ve learned them.

And all I’ve learned is trauma and desperation.

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