off the rails

That’s all I can say about today. It started off with nothing going right and everything else deciding sideways was the direction to go.

And it never got better. By the time I gave up and sat down with a beer, it was too late.

It’s times like this when the oblivion of alcoholism and drug addiction look enticing.

Target: 1600 words
Written: 1560 words, novel: Father Lightning

staying on top of it

I’m surprised actually at how well I’ve managed to stay on top of my writing while working at the office.

The extra time it takes to make a lunch, walk to work, walk home and the lost time during breaks and lunches… I figured it would kill my momentum.

The good news is it didn’t. I figured out how to hit my daily and my overall (often two different things), without sacrificing anything else. It makes for a jam-packed week, especially when you’ve got birthdays and all-you-can-eat sushi in the midst of it.

Hopefully, staying caught up means less pressure in the next couple of weeks while I’m home and that reclaimed time can be put to good use, like reading or video games or orgasms.

Only time will tell.

Target: 1600 words
Written: 222 words, novel: Father Lightning

office day

And we’re onto the fifth draft. I’m just ironing the kinks out for what needs to happen, because there’s some pretty big changes; no major structural changes, just a lot of big plot holes and missed opportunities to plug and/or take advantage of.

A lot of work is incoming.

Target: 1600 words
Written: 777 words, novel: Father Lightning

the mondays

Yep, got a case of them. Trying to remember to be nice to myself and others anyway.

Of course, in my opinion, the nicest thing I could do for myself would be to sleep in an empty house, surrounded by books, video games and loud music in my headphones.

But that’s unlikely to happen, so I guess shitshow it is.

Target: 1600 words
Written: 1756 word, novel: Father Lightning

another busy day

I’m starting to really resent being in the office. I don’t know what’s going to happen if we ever go back full time. I think I’ll have to give up video gaming, because I’ll never be able to write again otherwise. I can barely find time to read now.


This job is killing my free time, as well as my spirit.

Target: 1600 words
Written: 1940 words, novel: Father Lightning

lack of focus

Man, I cannot get it together today. I can’t focus on a damn thing.

It’s probably the exhaustion, the strain of working a full time job and still doing part-time authoring stuff, even though no one is asking me to.

But I don’t know what to do about it. Sleep, apparently, isn’t an option. Every time I try to set up a day to sleep in and purely relax, someone shows up with demands on my time and the day is gone.

I am nearing collapse.

Target: 1500 words
Written: 1506 words, novel: Father Lightning