i don’t understand

I spend an awful lot of time thinking about why people just can’t be nice to each other. I don’t understand the need to be a dick to someone, to control them, to intentionally hurt them for the sake of your own ego.

I guess maybe the feeling of superiority is addictive, or it’s a protective reflex to avoid addressing any issues one might have, or the fear that maybe you aren’t the best.

But it’s so easy to be humble. Kindness takes effort, but hell, just admitting you don’t know everything, that you’re fallible, that you’re muddling through, doing the best you can, and trying not to take it too hard when you screw up (while learning from the experience)? That’s the easiest thing in the world, because it’s all true.

And truth is only hard to admit for those stuck in their own egos. For anyone who cares about the truth more than their own petty ego, it’s the easiest thing in the world.

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