pennyroyal tea

Started my morning with Vapour Trails, Ben Harper and Pennyroyal Tea. It’s funny how when you listen to things like this, you’re reminded of just how bad some of the music on the streams actually is. It’s all so generic. There are a few standouts – I’m partial to Alessia Cara’s Here, because as an introvert, I feel that in my gut, and I’ve been there. Tate McRae’s You Broke Me First has something to love and yes, even Driver’s License. True heartache is always a winner.

Where I draw the line is pure aggrandizement that doesn’t include anyone else, or faux “I like the simple things” that are really just masks for regressive thinking and politics. So you know… country. My dislike of the former rules out most rap, and all Kanye. The whole gigantic ego thing… well, I think we’ve all had just about enough of that for a long, long while (cough, cough, Donald, cough, cough, Elon). I was never on the bandwagon, so I guess I never got off. I don’t mind Jay-Z, though I’m not in the “Beyonce Is Everything” camp.

Snoop seems cool. Like a very chill dude you could hang with and have a great time, but who wouldn’t bullshit you at all. Like the Dude or Jimmy Buffett, if the Dude or Jimmy Buffett was into gangsta rap.

Anyways. Nirvana was the jam. Foo Fighters still is. The Weight is my favourite chill song. So be it.

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Written: 389 words, novella: The Mungk

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