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Mazy is a great dog. She’s calm, she’s easy, she’s well behaved. I’m still not entirely certain of her intentions towards our cats, but mostly, I’m just having difficulty finding that pure and absolute love for her.

I’m assuming it’s because I’m still in mourning over Magnus. He hasn’t even been dead a week and I haven’t processed shit for feelings from it, other than having a meltdown a few times a day. With Cassie being sick and now, Mazy stressing the other cats out, all I want to do is go back to a quiet life with my remaining cats and just sit and pet and hug them all until we all feel better again.

But even a calm dog is a restless dog in a new environment, and it’s freaking the cats out and we have to keep a constant eye on both.

There’s not such thing as closure. There’s no such thing as time to process. There’s only relentless trauma and fuckery.

Mungk, take me.

Target: 1200 words
Written: 734 words, novella: The Mungk

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