These last few days are going brutally slow. I’m busy writing documentation for my successor and trying not to get sucked into any rabbit holes, of which there are many, but even with that level of tasks, I can’t help but feel the days are crawling by.

Anticipation is a real pain in the ass.

A friend of mine who was also hired to the same place finished her day yesterday with tears and drinks with coworkers. I’ve ended each successive day with a loud whoop in the car as I peel out of the parking lot. Not that I dislike my coworkers – most of them are okay, but we’ve been through so much shared abuse, it’s almost like the end of a traumatic disorder. Carrying it on by having dinner with them seems cruel and unnecessary to me.

It’s like a break-up. I want to split and move on, and only have to deal with the technical aspects I absolutely have to, like giving back clothes and such. The rest is processing, release and hopefully, eventually, forgiveness (but not forgetfulness; I’ve learned valuable lessons here about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour to tolerate and those cannot be left behind. There’s no tacit approval of behaviour in forgiveness. That’s done for us, so we can let go and move on.)

Target: 1000 words
Written: 2742 words, novella: The Mungk

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