fractured neck

My father-in-law fell and fractured his neck.

Face busted and stitched.

Right hand not able to move.

Laid for a long time in a pool of blood.

Luckily, it appears he’ll recover with no particularly lasting effects.

Unfortunately, that might be a while, so we’re relegated to helpers again, much like last year when my mother-in-law went downhill and into the hospital, before succumbing to a combination is Alzheimer’s and COVID.

It’s The Summer of Sad, Part 2: The Depressioning.

I feel like a boxer, punched out in the twelfth round, unable to mount any credible offense, unable to really defend himself, somehow not falling as the blows to the head and gut keep on coming…

Of course, it could be worse. I could have a fractured neck.

Perspective is key to avoiding the KO.

Target: 1400 words

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