how do we stand it?

This constant pressure. When thirty seconds of uninterrupted silence seems like an impossibility.

How do we live? How do we get through? How can we focus?

I want to quit so badly, but with no other income on the horizon, how is it possible?

We’ve all been trapped by the corporate hegemony, buried in our addictions to technology and debt and all the latest must-haves by entities that have trapped us in the same way heroin traps its devotees.

I can’t help but wonder: when is enough enough? I often wonder when our leaders will step up and make this insanity stop, but I forget. They aren’t on our side. They are as beholden to the notion of economy over all as those people in Waco were to David Koresh. Meanwhile, almost all the world’s ills, whether it’s the leftist plea for some compassion and sanity, for some metrics beyond dollars and cents to gauge our well being, or the right’s descent in bigoted and fascistic madness, it all stems from the same place.

The boot on our neck is that of the profiteers, and they’d rather have us fight each other than focus on the real problem – THEM.

I suspect that when the day is upon us, when the inevitable collapse comes (and it is coming – all bubbles burst, and this is one of the biggest in capitalist history), I would not be at all surprised to see executives being dragged from their homes, by police or angry mob – which remains to be seen, and depends on how corrupt the people in charge at that time.

I certainly don’t advocate violence. I do believe profiteering is crime, and I would love nothing more than to see every single oil executive, right wing grifter and Wall Street financier hauled up in front of a jury and given no quarter on their lies.

Unfortunately, I strongly suspect the government’s ties to these assholes and the system of corporatism under which we’ve been yoked, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum, is too great to be overcome. Certainly not by means of the very systems they’ve corrupted.

There must be a better way.

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Written: 227 words, novella: The Mungk

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