Mazy’s cousin has finally started settling in, realizing that maybe the other dog isn’t trying to eat her food, and neither are the cats. She’s still barking a little at random passers-by and she’s attached to me at the hip, but there are signs that she’s starting to get more used to it.

It’s the longest she’s been away from her family, so I’m expecting her to get a little depressed as the week goes on. Usually, she only stays with my sister for a day or two. We’re already on day three. She seems a little quieter this morning, and I’m not sure if that’s just settling in or little doggy depression. I hope not, but I do expect it. All we can do is love and play and show her a little happiness, and she’ll be fine.

She’ll be ecstatic when they do finally return, if Mazy’s reaction to us leaving overnight to go to Trenton is any indication.

Here’s hoping to a good week, and some good snuggles and less barking.

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