long weekend

And we’re only halfway through. What I wouldn’t give for peace.

Someday, I pray I’m proven to be wrong, and there is a heaven, and it’s just an opportunity to do and learn all things you never got a chance to during your life. Every bit of knowledge learned.

Who shot JFK? Were aliens actually here? Who really controls the world?

And the scariest of all: what did people actually think of me?

Plus, you know, doing all the things you wanted to try: travelling to every part of the world, kayaking the Colorado, trekking the Amazon, finding out if Patrick Stewart is really as cool as he seems. Seeing if Helen of Troy or Cleopatra live up to the hype. Is Rasputin’s dick really pickled somewhere? Was kindness really all it was cracked up to be?

You know, stuff like that.

Target: 1500 words
Written: 1969 words, novel: Father Lightning

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