lost day

Let’s recap. Since March of last year, we’ve:

  • Taken care of father-in-law’s hip surgery
  • Taken care of mother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s
  • Taken care of mother’s knee surgery
  • Lost mother-in-law to Alzheimer’s/COVID
  • Taken care of wife’s foot surgery
  • Lost twenty year cat that I fucking adored, despite being kind of an asshole
  • Lost sixteen-year old cat I fucking adored, who was an absolute sweetheart
  • Cancelled New Year’s plan due to sick/dying cats
  • Cancelled Valentine’s when wife got norovirus
  • Cancelled wife’s birthday/St. Patrick’s Day when I got norovirus
  • Got threatened by guns at Versailles
  • Got COVID for the first time
  • Got sinus/ear infection that cost me some hearing
  • Massive power outage on our anniversary
  • Father-in-law broke neck
  • Missed trip to Frankenmuth for my birthday because father-in-law broke neck
  • Missed birthday dinner because mother decided I needed to dogwatch the dog she was supposed to watch thereby ending my dinner plans
  • Left old job because I would have shot myself if I didn’t
  • Started new job that’s very mentally taxing and not as satisfying as expected
  • Fought relentlessly with shitty people and poorly behaving family members who refused to step in and help with any of this
  • Felt like absolute failure
  • Was not allowed to complain or receive any sympathy because… reasons, I guess?

We are not okay.

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Written: 1369 words, novel: Father Lightning

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