my sweet boy

Raiden’s a peer. Not a peer, as in a cohort, but a pee-er, as in, he sprays.

And he’s mad. He’s such a loving boy, but when he feels his alpha presence is threatened, he pees. With a new hundred pound dog running around the house, he stopped, and we thought, finally. If we’d known that was all it took, we’d have gotten a big dog years ago.

But he’s back. And he’s mad, because he’s been so terrified of the big dog, that he can’t get the time he needs with his mommy and daddy and sister.

So, now, he’s across the room, sleeping. Refusing to curl up in my lap even though Mazy Mae is sleeping upstairs and no current threat.

Not that she’s ever a threat. She mostly ignores the cats, though they’re all still wary.

On the plus side, there’s been progress, and it’s been six weeks only. Who knows where we’ll be in six months?

But he’s still mad, that doesn’t bode well for cleaning up after him.

Target: 1200 words
Written: 690 words, comic: Bike #2

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