on stupidity and deceit

So, we all know one, right? Someone that over the past two years has been constantly telling everyone how safe they are and treating everyone else like they’re plague carriers who are just this side of trucker convoy-loving anti-vaxxers, while at the same time, have been caught repeatedly doing things that no other person actually trying to be safe is doing.

You know the type. Criticizing you like you’re a Rebel News, Trump-loving, anti-masker, while simultaneously constantly going out and around willy-nilly everywhere with their friends, doing god knows what and lying to you about it. The kind of person you’d run into at the store without a mask on after they’ve told you repeatedly how they never leave the house. The kind of person who would then still look down on you for not wearing a mask in your own house, even after that.

The kind of person who would go out every night of the week with a known cough and then tell you after you went out with them that they have COVID.

Man, I’m fucking tired of other people’s stupidity, selfishness, hypocrisy and entitlement. I’m tired of other people thinking they can look down upon us when we’re the ones actually doing what we’re supposed to do to keep everyone safe, while simultaneously behaving so shitty that they’d fuck up someone else’s life (and it’s an order of effect right now) without even a thought toward anyone else’s needs.

I may have mentioned I’m the only person doing my job right now. I’ve made it well known to those around me that I’m being extra safe because of that, because I cannot be sick right now. Plus, we finally hired someone. He’s supposed to start Monday.

How the hell can I train him if I’m in isolation because of someone else’s stupidity and shortsightedness? I’ve all I can handle with work. I sure as fuck can’t do it while sick.

And it’s not like I can go out until I’m sure I’m not sick. I will not be the reason someone else gets sick, or heaven forbid, dies. I would not be able to live with myself if I was the reason someone else lost their life (or had their lives seriously degraded, because there are other bad things than death that can occur with this thing).

The sad part is the people who do this kind of thing wouldn’t give a shit at all if someone died or or got life-changingly sick because of their negligence. They’d rationalize it right away, because as the hero of their own story, of course nothing they did could be wrong.

Man, people piss me off with their selfishness behaviour. For the record, I am fully vaccinated and will happily get whatever shots I need. Mask mandates may be over in Ontario, but I’m still wearing mine. It makes sense, since it was clear the only reason they got rid of them was because Doug Ford didn’t want to piss off the anti-vax convoy vote.

Also, for the record, I despise Trump, think anyone who is still a Conservative or Republican at this point is a moron and am fully pro-science, pro-medicine, pro-logic and pro-understanding that we don’t live in a vacuum, and that it’s critical to think about other people, rather than solely your own needs. If you can’t be bothered to consider the effect your actions and behaviour have on others (and that applies to a lot more than just COVID protocols), then quite frankly, fuck you.

It’s time to grow up, assholes, and see a perspective outside of your own myopic selfishness. Enough is enough. Grow the fuck up.

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