one more week

One more week of this lunatic dog. As an only dog, she’s probably fine, but she’s constantly chasing our cats, went after my brother’s little dog that we had for three days and she’s upsetting our Great Golden Pyrenees, Mazy.

We were sold on this dog being good and calm and fine with cats and other dogs.

It appears we may have been oversold a little. Babysitter beware, I suppose.

The thing is, I don’t hold it against the dog. She’s a perfectly acceptable dog, just not in this house with us. In another house, she’s probably perfectly lovely.

She’s reminded me of all the reasons I never wanted a dog. We lucked out massively with Mazy, given that she’s literally the best dog ever (no joke – she’s so calm and good with the cats and people; our only complaint is that it looks like a homeless person snuck into our yard and took a dump when she goes to the bathroom – we had to buy a giant claw thing to pick it up.)

But yeah. The other one? Sorry, puppy. I love you, but man, you’re a lot.

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