saturday morning

Doesn’t have that nice wake-up ring like the beginning of Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground, but hey, it’s still nice not to have to immediately rush into disaster for once.

I’m sure the day will be disrupted, and it started way earlier than I intended, but I’m writing and things are happening and even though my tough-to-sell short story Get Back Again received its first rejection today, things are looking up. Plenty more submissions where that came from.

So expectations for the success of my writing have been amazing, given that my expectations at the amazing level mostly involved actually submitting works to real people in the real world, rather than sitting on it and pretending it was going to magically appear somewhere.

The minimal expectations I have for my writing are just to finish it at this point. That’s done consistently. My lower expectations were to put it up somewhere, and in the case of Get Back Again, maybe have another person read it, given its nature.

The middle involved posting a number of places and getting people to read them, which I’ve done for all but the comic I wrote, which only got sent to an artist friend who hasn’t gotten back to me on it.

Other than that, I’m still sending out, and only the Birds Fall haiku has met my higher expectations. That I’ve sent it to so many publications is still amazing to me.

This morning is dedicated to furthering the story of Allin Wallace, and to submissions, getting GBA to where it needs to go. It’s a tough sell, for sure, particularly in a liberal-leaning industry, but you never know.

(Note: GBA is written from the point-of-view of a dead alt-right supporter of the patriarchy; it does not actually reflect my views. I fall very much on the liberal side – pro-choice, anti-bigotry, anti-Trumper.)

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