fat bear week

I just heard about this, and well, I love it. I love all things conservationist. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do believe in minimizing our damage, which means getting rid of factory farming, the destruction of natural ecosystems and topsoil by grains, corn, and other monocrops, and dealing as strongly as possible with climate change.

(Fun read for vegans: check out the tightly coupled correlation of the rise of imperialism and agriculture. Agriculture has done more to the destroy ecosystems and render animals extinct over the the last ten thousand years than carnivores could even have hoped to, on top of the economic, cultural and social inequalities it spawned. It’s less obvious than some asshole shooting an endangered animal, but no less destructive. You want to save the planet? Stop growing and eating grains, among other things.)

Anyways, vote for fat bears. It’s fun and encourages healthy bears that are ready to hibernate for winter.

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