fourth of july

Hey, here’s a thought, America!

How about, instead of celebrating ideals that have little reality in practice in your country, you actually apply those ideals to the way you’re set up?

Defend democracy. Refuse to let fascists and con men run around unchecked.

No more guns! Healthcare for everyone! After all, life is the first one mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Think about that.

Accountability for everyone, no matter who they are or how rich.

Liberty is responsibility. One cannot be called free if one has no responsibility for one’s own behaviour. And we are all responsible for our own behaviour, no matter what, always, no matter how much we may want to believe otherwise.

Anyway, happy Independence Day, neighbour. Now clean up your fucking yard, and stop scaring the dogs with fireworks.

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Written: 1790 words, novel: Father Lightning

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