Out there trying to pass off like they’re the only patriots while they’ve repeatedly shot down bills helping veterans, bettering health care and you know, protecting the country against their own attempts at fascism.

Of course, on a dull day back in 2001, I woke up after a late night shift when a friend called to tell me to turn on the television. The only thing I could think while I watched the towers fall was how Republicans were going to use it to turn the country authoritarian. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out – they’d been trying to since Reagan and Nixon. And now, they had their pretense.

The Bush family can talk shit about Trump all they want and be totally right about his corruption and his fascist desires, but they started this ball rolling. It was Reagan, Bush Sr. and the Neocons who paved the road for these wannabe dictators. They deserve much of the blame for it. They capitulated to terror by pushing for authoritarian policies. They stoked the fire. That it grew out of control does not absolve them of their responsibility for it existing in the first place.

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