screw the rich

The past few years, under Trump and through the pandemic, have really brought into focus how the system is rigged against anyone who isn’t rich. That Donald Trump gets to be indicted (after way, way too long) and just walk away to fly back to Florida and make incendiary speeches demonstrates that too exactly. Add in the flagrant gouging and corruption by all kinds of companies – tech, fossil fuels, social media, groceries, among many others, and one can see that the scales have skewed way too far toward the upper class.

The current breed of politicians are far too corrupt to do anything meaningful about it. Hell, in the States, they have a literal fascist running around fomenting bigotry and hatred wherever he goes, while grifting his own followers out of billions (among who knows what other scams he ran while in office to bilk the taxpayer). For most of what he’s done, one of us would have been hauled in and thrown in prison back in 2015 (or ideally, way before that – when he was running financial scams).

There needs to be a serious reckoning, or this is all going to end French Revolution-style, and given the kind of nutters and power-hungry madmen that can take hold in a scenario like that, that won’t be good for anyone.

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