september 11

I’m sure most people think about the lost lives and fallen buildings on this day, and I do as well, but the thing I mourn most of all is the loss of freedom around the world that resulted.

One of the intended results of terrorism is to do exactly what it says – create terror, and create a reaction in your opponents that can then said to be heavy-handed and overbearing. Dictator-ish.

And did the fucking right wing deliver in spades.

Donald Trump is an inevitable offshoot of Reagan, made possible by the authoritarian jumpstart by Bush Jr.

I mourn the innocents of the attack; I mourn greater what we’ve all lost because of Republican power-lust and greed. Trump is a direct result of Nixon/Reagan and the Bush family. Any Republican who wants to disavow Donald Trump, but refuses to take responsibility for their role in creating him, isn’t disavowing anything at all, and they’ll do it again or worse, if it benefits them.

Taking advantage of a tragedy for a power grab; the Republican way since 9/11.

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