I have conflicted feelings about SpaceX, mostly because of Elon Musk. I think space travel is awesome, and as a cyberpunk/sci-fi geek, I don’t dislike tech (well, good tech, useful tech, not the bloated shit that tends to come out cool and end up trying to lock us in servitude with bullshit we don’t need. My favourite todo app is one that is no longer even maintained, hardly. They got it to a point that was cool and stopped trying to jam up the works with unnecessary features and redesigns. Honestly, most things that need to be fixed ever get fixed, but every executive out there wants to seem like they’re doing something, so our interfaces get tweaked, shit we don’t want gets crammed down our throats… etc.)

Anyway, I personally think the world would be much better off without Elon Musk having any kind of power or influence over it. Megalomaniacal narcissists like he and Donald Trump (and most raving Republicans these days, from Gaetz to Koch) are ruining this world. No one should be a billionaire. At that value, you have everything you could ever want. Give the rest back.

Use it to run healthcare or promote green initiatives, civil rights defense. But anything higher than one billion (and even that’s a debatable number – as in too fucking high) is way too much, and clearly warps a person’s brain with entitlement and selfishnes.

Fuck Elon, but long live space.

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