I know how it looks. I’ve spent almost all the extra effort I put into writing that got me way ahead of where I wanted to be. Part of that is in the design.

I’m a big believer in kaizen, big changes wrought by a series of seemingly innocuous and small changes. When I got back into writing, I wanted to build up my stamina. Three to four thousand words a day was killing me, so I thought – try a hundred. Just for a few days.

Then add a hundred. It only takes me maybe four or five minutes to do that, which is extremely manageable in a day. Add another five here, another five there and you build up stamina. It doesn’t seem like an imposition, to say, I’m setting aside two to three hours every day. Five minutes is easy. And it’s easy to blow past it if you’re in the zone and want to finish what you’re doing.

Now, I have it about thirty minutes, and while I’ve been slacking lately because of work and depression, I know it’s not an imposition. Thirty minutes for the thing I love doing? Easy. In any case, all my words that I got ahead by when it was all easy and low targets is almost gone and I’ll have to buckle down again if I want progress.

Expect that shortly, although… not today.

Target: 800 words
Written: 50 words, novella: The Mungk

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