That was fun. She was excited at first, but man, Sofi is attached to her foster parents. We couldn’t even get her off their porch until the foster mother came with us. After that, she most laid in my daughter’s lap, or slept. We tried to play a little bit, but she was too nervous.

In one week though, this is her full time.

She’ll get used to it.

I just hate to put her through the stress.

Still, it’s a good situation. She’s been a year in foster care; it’s time she had a forever home. And though we need another animal like we need a hole in the head, we’re going to give it to her. With love. For as long as she lives.

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Well, Sami’s in, because we needed an extra hole in the head.

Seriously, though, he’s a sweet boy and the other cats don’t mind. Mazy’s fine with him as well.

So, yeah. We’re back to four cats.

And soon, two dogs.

Yeah. We’ve lost our freakin’ minds.

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in office

Ugh. The worst. And the fact that we (or rather I) have things to do every single night this week sure makes finding time to edit difficult (not to much energy and focus).

Jesus, I hate working for a living. How many lives have been ruined? How many great pieces of art killed as embryos, because of the necessity to feed the corporate machine?

It’s terrifying to think about how much wonder has been stifled in the name of survival in this world’s sickening imperialism.

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