yay, futbals

Rather, yay, it’s over?

I guess that guy whose girlfriend everyone likes won, while simultaneously showing that he’s willing to physically assault an old man when he’s frustrated on the sidelines.

Red flag, girl. When shit gets bad, is he going to try to intimidate you physically?

Things to watch out for.

Assholes be assholes, y’all.

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Written: 250 words, novella: The Mungk

Read: Sex Rx, Lauren Streicher
Comics: Hunter Killer 0-3
Music: Joni Mitchell Essentials, Joni Mitchell (fuck you, I'm Canadian, and despite how saccharine it can be at times, and at odds with my punk roots, it's got its own je-ne-sais-quoi, and its own ethos of anti-authoritarianism. She's low key anarchist, like most hippies).


Honestly. I’m a sports guy and I can appreciate a good story told in any medium, but football?


Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stand around. Sixty minutes on the clock, four hours on TV, about fifteen minutes of action.

Why do Americans love such boring sports?

This is why I hate Gary Bettman – he’s spent decades taking all the excitement out of hockey, so it’s as fucking milquetoast as the big three American sports.

Dude needs to be fired and someone who understands fucking impact needs to come back in.

Anyway, long story short. Who gives a shit about the Superbowl? Why do we care if Taylor Swift is there?

Puppy Bowl me, thank you very much.

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Written: 267 words, novella: The Mungk

Read: Sex Rx, Lauren Streicher
Comics: Sex Criminals 29-30, Sex Criminals: Sexual Gary Special, Sex Criminals 69 (I get it, but the whole ending felt rushed and incomplete.  Sorry, Chip and Matt, but it was.  It felt like you lost the plot a bit.  Disappointing ending.)
Music: Join Together, The Who