nerve unpinched


I was worried I tore a muscle or had one of those fucking impingements like I had in my twenties, caught blocking a spike in a beach volleyball, that lasted roughly eight years, before I decided to do physio.

(Also, benefits – I didn’t have benefits for a while, and booze was a more effective use of my money than physio. Numbs the pain and/or makes it irrelevant, plus, you know, fun!)

The pain is still there, but way less than it was yesterday, so wherever it was pinched, it’s better now.

Hallelujah. Back to work then, without the pain, and hopefully, with better focus (although, it’s not looking good).

Maybe booze would help.

Target: 300 words
Written: 812 words, novella: The Mungk

Read: Is Your Genius At Work?, Dick Richards (Dick Dicks!)
Comics: Fight Club 3 10-12
Music: Jar Of Flies + Sap, Alice In Chains (I mean, No Excuses and Got Me Wrong are straight earworms, right?)

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