stray dog

I half expected my horoscope to just be a big picture of a middle finger this morning.

Not only did the drop of my iPod nano (yes, I still use and love it) damaged the headphone port so that I cannot fit my headphones into it (a fact I didn’t realize until this morning), the internet was out, meaning I had to prep like I was going into the office instead of working at home, and then, of course, a stray dog wanders into my life, and I have to lure it up on the porch and call the local pet and wildlife rescue to come pick him up (for return to its owner, not euthanization – I’m way too much of an animal lover to take a perfectly healthy pup anywhere but a no-kill shelter).

Of course, this last wasn’t bad. The beagle was fat, happy and friendly, and other than trying to keep him outside and my dogs and cats inside, not really a lot of hassle. Super friendly and how would you say… well-fed?

The dog has an owner; strays aren’t that fat. But it’s been outside for a while, I guess; he was pretty smelly and dirty. But friendly.

I’m sure he’ll get picked up; he’s want to friendly a guy not to be.

But what worries me is that after the fact, I saw a picture of him and another smaller dog blocking traffic a couple of blocks away (obviously, only a few minutes before I lured him onto my porch), and now all I can think is… what happened to the other dog?

I am wracked with guilt and concern. Way to take a nice moment and make it stressful, universe and/or people who forgot to close the gate and let their dogs out.

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